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Related article: Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2010 12:28:50 -0400 From: Kyle Stirling Subject: The Adventures of a Horny BabysitterDisclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and any similarities to real events, places, or people are purely coincidental. This story contains explicit sexual encounters and relationships between males. If this bothers you, I advise you not to continue reading. Although some of the characters may have unprotected sex within this story, I do not condone or encourage this. Please, use a condom. If you are under aged, yet have somehow made your way to this story, please leave now. All rights reserved. This story, including all characters, places, and events may not be reproduced or distributed on any website or publication without the author's consent and written permission. This work is protected by all applicable copyright laws. All character within the story are consenting adults. The Adventures of a Horny Babysitter I stomped up the concrete steps, fuming, as I knocked on the glass, screen door. My mood was red-hot and I just wanted to get this started so that it would be over sooner. I'd only waited a second before my impatience overtook me, and I pounded on the glass door, harder. The heavy oak door, behind the glass door, unlocked and opened. A man, roughly in his early thirties Hussyfan Lolita held the door open, water dripping down his body. My snotty remark that was about to leap to my lips stopped as my eyes drank in his body.The man stood about six feet tall, topped off with damp patch of brown on top of his head. His shirtless torso was athletically pleasing, with two hard, but not enormous pectoral muscles, tipped at the end with dark brown nipples that seemed larger than usual. His stomach was flat, with the smallest definition Hussyfan Lolita of a six pack, surrounded by two massive arms. His shoulders were broad, his biceps the size of cantaloupe, and a carpet of fur sprouting from his arms. I stopped my eyes as they reached the towel wrapped around his waist; there was no need to push my imagination into overdrive."Hey! Duncan! I haven't seen you in years. You must be what, eighteen by now?" the man said, sporting a goofy grin."Nineteen, actually," I replied, as he moved out of the way so I could enter his house."Well, I'll be a son-of-a-bitch. You sure have filled out well. I remember when you use to come to the plant picnic and you'd run around with those scrawny legs. Wouldn't even know you were the same guy, now," he said.His voice was rough, but pleasing. "No, sir, high school sports have buffed me up"."None of that sir, shit, although I'm sure your dad coached you to say that before you came. Call me Ty," he said, starting to move into the other room."Sure thing, Ty," I said, letting his name roll of my tongue.Ty walked through his front hallway, and took a left into a small bathroom where I heard him shed his towel and an electric razor start purring. I recalled a second before, where his face was clean shaven and I felt a tingle in my balls as I thought about what he was shaving now. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a flat-out pervert. I mean, I've never even been with a guy! Growing up, I thought about girls, flirted with girls, kissed girls, and eventually, fucked girls, like any normal teenager. Over the last year, after my first semester of college was done, I started to get sexual thoughts about guys. After countless college parties, where you saw guys lose their pants, or pissing their boxers, or jerking off after their girlfriend blew them off got me wondering what it would be like to be with a guy. I hadn't acted on it, yet, but little things about guys turned me on, lately. Like, my roommate, who wore tight-whities a size too small to show off his bulge, or my cousin who shaved his pits so the hair would grow back thicker.I was snapped out of my thoughts when Ty said, "So, have you done a lot of babysitting before?"The cold realization came back Hussyfan Lolita to me, stinging my ego for the second time today. My father had set me up to babysit for his old partner, Ty. They use to work at the plants together. There was a big age gap between them and my father always thought of Ty more as an apprentice than anything. Nonetheless, they became the best of friends. That's what brought me here, a fully capable nineteen year old, reduced to babysitting because my father felt some need to embarrass me. Honestly, babysitting at this age seemed pathetic, but it wasn't my choice."Never before, actually. But hey, I'm nineteen, sure I can handle them," I said, partially yelling so that he would hear me from the other room, as well as over the rattle of the shaver."Oh yeah, it'll be a breeze. Actually, all you'll be doing is eating and watching television, since the kids are already in bed. Make sure you check on them every hour or so, make sure they're okay. I'm sure you'll be fine," he replied, yelling back.My spirits rose slightly, not only from the vote of confidence from Ty, but the fact that I was going to have to do next to nothing. I heard the shaver click off. His feet echoed on the floor as he walked out of the bathroom, turned left so that his back was to me. Well, not only his back, his cute bubble butt, completely exposed was teasing my thoughts, pulling my dick to harden. He walked to the end of the hall, entered a bedroom, and when he returned, he was fully clothed. I did my best to hide my erection."Well, I'm heading out, buddy. My number is on the kitchen table if there is an emergency. Besides that, enjoy yourself," he said, as he was walking out the door, "oh, and if things get boring, my porn stash is hidden the second row of the bookshelf."I was taken aback by his last remark, but smiled as he winked as me, chuckled softly, and left. I wandered through a doorway, into the living room. There was a decent sized flat screen mounted on the far wall, while navy blue, fabric couches and chairs were positioned toward it. There were tawny coloured side tables with magazines, children's toys and trinkets on them. In the corner was a large bookshelf, filled with dozens of hardcover books. There was quite an array of authors: Bronte, Hemmingway, Tolkien, Dickens, Farland, Brooks. There were books on child birth and parenting, as well as politics. If I remembered right, Ty's wife was a producer for those paid political advertisements when there was an upcoming election. Moving down to the second shelf, like Ty had alluded to, I found something out of place; books on building childhood funhouses and do-it-yourself home repair. This struck me as odd because I remember Ty being one of the most handy men in our town. My dad always marvelled at Ty's mind, how he could construct it in his mind before constructing things perfectly in real-life.I pulled out one of the book, entitled "Encyclopaedia of Screw Nails, 1998". I pulled the book open, but the pages didn't turn like a book, they just snapped open, at one breaking point to reveal a black video tape, with the label scratched off. I flopped the cassette out of the book disguise. Thoughts coursed through my mind: should I watch this? Is it appropriate, while babysitting nonetheless? If it was hidden in the book, why did Ty tell me where to find it? I wasn't completely sure about what to do, but I finally realized, I couldn't pass this opportunity up. Sure, after my homosexual thoughts started to kick in, I'd look up some gay porn on the Internet, but with a dial-up connection at home and a connection slowed from downloading porn at school, I had to content myself with only a minute or two of male on male action before my Internet became entirely useless.I put the tape down on the glass coffee table, deciding to get a snack before I started the movie. I left the living room, walked down the hall to a kitchen where the tiles were a silver coloured, but heated underneath. So very comfortable. I walked over to the fridge, which was an enormous, stainless steel beast. I opened the fridge and after rifling through the shelves, I found nothing that interested me. I swung open the freezer door, and spotted mini-pizzas. I grabbed a pack of two and tossed them in the microwave. As I waited for them cook, I grabbed a plate from the cupboard and paced the kitchen. There was a glass table used for their meals, I assumed, surrounded by wrought iron metal chairs which looked anything but comfortable. There was a marble counter in the middle of the kitchen, which held some basic appliances, as well as a stack of mail. I couldn't help but notice the top letter.I picked it up, shoving my conscience to the side for the time being. I slipped the letter out of its torn opening and unfolded it. My eyes scanned over the files for a divorce, issued three Hussyfan Lolita weeks ago. I felt saddened for Ty, who seemed like such a great guy. But honestly, she must not have meant that much to him if he was already out, cruising to pick up someone else. I put the letter back as the microwave beeped angrily at me.I returned to the living room with my little pizzas and a glass of ginger ale. I popped the video into the VCR, clicked the television on and hit play. I took a seat on the couch, propping my legs up. I chewed on my pizzas as the opening credits passed. Straight porn lit up the screen. I watched, with a hard-on, as couple after couple fucked, but never really got into it. My guess, this porn was circa 1990's, like the book that it'd come out of said, 1998. The quality was poor, the lighting made their skin shine unnaturally. I only got through the movie part way, before I hit rewind and concealed it back in its book. I pulled out the book beside it "A Hussyfan Lolita History of the Stock Market, 2001". I took my seat, after pushing the movie into the VCR.This movie kept my attention a little more. Again, it must have been made around 2001 since it was much better than the previous. Nonetheless, this movie was not exciting. A guy fucks a girl missionary, skips the cumshot, the end. I could care less and I switched up movies after two scenes. The next movie came from "The Dangers of Electrocution, 2004".Now this is what I was looking for! Guy on guy action, which made me whip my zipper down on my jeans and manoeuvre my hard cock out the hole in my boxers. I stroked my meat to the rhythmic pounding of a cock into an ass. I became caught up in the moment like I never have before, even when I was having sex with the biggest tittied slut. When a threeway occurred, where one guy had a cock in his mouth and one in his ass, I couldn't hold on. I moaned as quietly as I could as my hips pushed up and I jizzed a pent-up load all over my American Eagle t-shirt. After my muscles relaxed, I just laid on the couch, heaving for the breath.My inhibitions came screaming back to me and I rewound the video Hussyfan Lolita before hiding it away. I walked to bathroom, my legs still unsteady from the amazing orgasm. I dampened a cloth and started to rub the thick jets of cum off of my shirt. After I dried it, there were still some streaks that I could just chalk up to food stains. I noticed the garbage can full of dark, curly hairs and I felt that familiar tingle in my balls as I realized that Ty had been shaving his pubes after all. Looks like he thought he was getting lucky tonight.I slipped up the stairs and checked on the children. After making sure they were breathing and sound asleep, I returned to the living room. After all, I still had two more "books" to get through."Do-It-Yourself; 92 Made Easy Instructions on Everyday Repairs! 2010" yielded my next prize, and what a prize it was. It was a homemade video tape this time and my soft Hussyfan Lolita manhood was hard in a second as the video opened to Ty sitting in a desk chair, buck naked. His dick was being stroked into hardness and reached an impressive length and girth that made my mouth water. I unzipped, again and started beating off furiously. I started to copy the same moves Ty was doing. Rubbing the sensitive penis head with his thumb, making him moan loudly. Pulling his foreskin back all the way before letting it slide back over. His hands became a blur as they jerked up and down on his stiff love stick. He started to moan louder, and louder until he reached the point of screaming in pleasure. Then, it happened. Ty's horse hung cock started shooting thick streams of jism and he grunted like an animal for each one. I counted nine big shots and seven small ones. Several of them splashed onto the video camera screen. He finished and was panting loudly. He moved up close, so his face, which had a few shots of cum on it, was in the middle of the screen and said "See, you stupid bitch, I can make myself cum better than you can make me cum", before the video clicked off.I figured that must have been an angry sex tape for his wife, maybe it even excited her to be talked to like that. But I checked the time code in the bottom of the screen and after a little math, I figured out that this had been taken only a few weeks ago, right after their divorce.My dick was still rock hard and sticking straight up when I heard the front door click open. I stuffed my meat back into my pants and zipped up, before pushing the book back into the bookshelf, leaving the tape in the VCR. I didn't have enough time to eject it. I started to walk toward the doorway when Ty got there first."Hey, bud, how were they?" he said, nodding his head toward the stairs."They were fine, didn't make a sound, really," I said."Awesome. I remember babysitting when I was a kid, the quiet nights were the good nights," he said with a chuckle."Yeah," I said stupidly, not really knowing how to say that I just wanted to get home to jerk off.He took a quick scan around the room. I saw his eyes linger on the bookshelf, but I was sure I had put everything away perfectly. A slight smirk pulled his lips up, making him even more handsome."How were the movies?" he asked."Uhm, good. I only watched one," I replied nervously, trying to think of a normal movie title he may own."Only good? They were enough to make you blow a load, so I'd say they were pretty damn good," he said, his pearl-white teeth shining back at me.I got that feeling, where you feel like your stomach has dropped lower, into your intestines and is being squeezed and twisted. I saw the living room in every way possible, because my pupils were darting back and forth like a madman. I saw the splatter of semen, on the wall behind the couch. I didn't even remember shooting that much. Did I close my eyes when I came?"No worries man, that's what porn's for," he said, and I genuinely believed him; his voice was so smooth and reassuring.Ty walked over to the bookcase and pulled out the book which should have had his solo masturbation tape. It was empty. He didn't seem surprised. Ty hit "Eject" on the VCR and the tape popped out. I could feel my heart cracking against my chest, threatening to send me into convulsions."What did you think?" he asked, turning to me, wearing the same smile and inquisitive eyes."What?" I asked, bewildered.Masturbation was a taboo subject at my house. Sure, after I went to college, it became more common, but I had never talked about it with an adult. And now, here was this incredibly sexy, family friend, much older than me, asking me what he thought of his whack off movie? It was too much and my mind couldn't even process how to answer that."What did you think of my tape? As you've probably guessed, I don't have a lot of feedback," he said."It...was...well...," I stuttered, hoping he would call of this question."C'mon, was it that bad? Looks like I'll have to pick up my game if you can't even talk about it," he said, doing the jacking motion with his hand."It was...fucking hot," I said.I didn't know where the words had come from. It was like lust had dug its' claws into my voice box, while the truth pushed the words from my mouth. I'd never been good at thinking of things on the spot, so it seemed like the truth was a good way to go."Yeah?" he asked, his face brightening in happiness and eyebrows pushing up, coaxing more from me."Completely. I've never been a huge fan of masturbation videos, I mean, I've been fucking jacking myself for so long, it doesn't excite me. But with you it did, because you're a real hot guy! Not like all the guys on the internet who are hot, but are whacking off for money. Not you. You were doing it for pleasure and it was awesome. If you hadn't come in right now, I would have rewound it and blew another load to that," I said, tripping over my words.His smile was as broad as ever. It was handsome and enticing. Ty took three big steps forward, his eyes on the ground, and stopped standing right in front of me. He looked up, staring me right in the eyes and leaned forward, pushing his lips against mine. My thoughts buzzed with sexual tension and my penis was crying in pain as my jeans held it back.Ty kissed me lightly on the lips at first, until I started to kiss him back. Our lips pushed against each other hard. He tasted like mint, and I slightly thought that he had planned this before hand, thus minting his mouth. That thought was lost as he bit playfully at my bottom lip. I let him gently nibble my bottom lip as I sucked on his top lip.We broke apart for air, but only for a second before we slammed our mouths back together. Our tongues came together this time, twisting together. We pushed back and forth with our tongue and I felt his hands holding my head. I brought one hand up to the back of his head, holding him on my lips.He turned his head sideways to suck down some air and I kissed down to his neck. I kissed the side of his neck gently before I nipped it slightly with my teeth until I was full-fledged biting his neck. I was aiming for a hickey. Sue me. I heard him groaning softly and his hand came to hold my head down, pushing me down on his neck."Uhhh. Wait, wait. We should go to the bedroom," he said, in between little gasps.Ty took my hand and led me down the hall, into his bedroom. His room was small, containing only a King sized bed, neatly made, a wooden chest of drawers with a television on top and a hamper of dirty clothes. Ty closed and locked the door and Hussyfan Lolita flicked on the ceiling light. He spun around quickly and pushed me back onto the bed."How many...guys have you been with, if you don't mind me asking," Ty said."You're my first," I answered, as he stood over me.He smiled and replied, "Then I better make it memorable."Ty straddled my legs, which hung over the end of the bed and he leaned over, so we were chest to chest. His mouth went to my neck and he started tickling it, with his tongue. I moaned softly. His tongue was sending pin pricks of pleasure up my neck, making me squirm. Instinctively, I started to move my hips, rubbing our clothed crotches together.He started to lick lower, kissing in between my neck and chest, just above my lightly defined pectorals. His hands snuck up my shirt, two nipple seeking hands which quickly found their targets. He started to gently rub his fingers around my nipples until they pushed up in response, becoming as hard as my cock. He pinched them in between his finger and thumb and I yelped as white hot pleasure shot through my body.I had never touched my nipples. I had never thought they were pleasurable. I was a guy, all I knew was, rub your dick enough and you'd feel great. But Ty was finding spots on me that I knew I would never forget about.Ty gave my nipples a brutal pinch and I arched my back, sucking in air. He took this opportunity to slide my t-shirt above my head, exposing my torso. His lips immediately went to one of my nipples and started suckling it like baby. I squirmed under him, moaning softly. Then I felt teeth and I yelped in pain.I had sweated out a thin sheen of sweat all over my body, under Ty's practiced hands and mouth. My logical thoughts were gone and all I thought about was the eventual release; the explosion that would drive my senses wild and make me scream in ecstasy. I needed that.Ty licked lower, paying special attention to my belly button. He stuck his tongue in and started thrusting it in and out, as if tongue fucking my belly button. I can't say that it was overly pleasurable, but it was hot, looking down at this man tonguing me. I heard him inhaling through his nose, loudly, before kissing my furry treasure trail. For a nineteen year-old, I had no chest hair, but my treasure trail had grown into a bushy covering which I was very proud of.Ty followed that trail, kissing the hair gently, following it down to my straining jeans. I smiled; I knew there was a good reason I chose not to wear a belt today. Ty rubbed his hands over my denim-clad erection and I shuddered at his slight touch.His fingers deftly pulled at the jean's button, before lowering the zipper and tugging at my jeans. I used my hands to push my body up, holding my ass far enough off the bed for Ty to drag my jeans off of me. My erection pushed my boxers straight out, and I sighed, having finally been freed from the restricting denim.My boxers were off in a second. Ty had been taking his time before, but I saw something in him now that hadn't been so evident before: lust. I was fairly proud of my cock. I wasn't a small guy, nor was I a monster. I felt too exposed, though, as Ty leaned closer to my rock hard meat, like he was judging me with his breath that flew along the length of my boner.Then, again, in a flash, he was on me. His mouth had enveloped my dick head and I groaned loud, throwing my head back. His tongue encircled the sensitive head, spinning around it, over and over, before he started to suck. Again, like a baby sucking a bottle. This motion pulled his cheeks taut against the glans of my penis and drove me wild. I moaned again, louder, as my toes curled.He was back with the tongue, licking at my piss slit. I didn't know what he expected to find there, except the odd drop of urine. I wasn't a precummer. His hands came up to stroke the part of my dick he wasn't tasting. It was a primal act, this was. I could see it in his eyes. If I told him to stop, I knew he wouldn't be able to. He needed this as much as I did.Ty started to go down on my meat. His clever hands were now under me, groping my nuts and massaging them. It gave me shivers. I saw Ty's eyes slightly bulge as he gagged and back off. Then, he went down again, taking more. By this point, I was whimpering like a child and I couldn't help my hips; they had a mind of their own.I brought my feet up so that they were on the edge of the bed and I used them to push up, right into Ty's mouth. He gagged. I looked into his eyes and I saw that's what he wanted. He wanted my dick deep in his throat, so I thrusted again and again into his willing mouth.Ty finally, as I was thrusting up, pushed down and buried my love stick completely in his throat."Fuck! Oh baby, oh yes! So good, so good!" I cried suddenly. These words came from my dick, not my mouth.I stopped thrusting and let my throbbing dick sit in his throat. It was perfect, amazing. I knew the second that either of us moved, I would be shooting volleys of jism into this man's mouth. He knew too, because he had stopped his ball play.In the position I was in, my legs were still up, knees pointing upward. In this position, I felt something that sent me over the edge. Two fingers tickled my asshole, something I had never seen as a pleasure point. I was so wrong. He tickled my asshole gently and my whole body started to shake. I was moaning and growling, tossing my head back and forth. Hussyfan Lolita I was done.I gave one final roar, arching my back, subsequently pushing my penis deep into his throat and let everything go. My orgasm was mind shattering; stronger than anything I'd ever had. I felt my dick pulsing, coating Ty's throat with my cum. It felt amazing. I don't know how long I was like that, in my completely blissful state. It seemed like years.I heard a slight pop and a sudden coldness surrounded my softening dick. I heard the bed crunch slightly beside me, and saw Ty laying down with me. I was still shaking from the orgasm. I leaned my head on his chest.Ty chuckled softly and said, "That took a lot out of you, babe.""It did. But there is no way in hell that we're done for tonight," I said, chuckling back. Okay, that's it for the opening chapter. I'm really debating whether I should continue with it or not. After the next part that I had in mind, I really don't know where I would go with it. Having said that, I always want to know what my readers think. Compliments, complaints, ideas?Email them to: kyle.cumminglive.comNote, this is a legal story between consenting adults. I will not be adding an character that is underage or will jeopardize the legality of the story.
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